Business Communication Master Program


Consistent with the general coordinates of the educational strategy assumed by the university, the Business Communication program aims to provide a mission to specialize trainees in the field of economic communication through a systematic and rigorous preparation in the field of traditional and modern communication methods and techniques for better adaptation to the labor market.

This mission is accomplished through OBJECTIVES and actions assumed on at least two well-defined directions:

At the didactic level, the mission of the Master of Business Communication program is to develop the skills and abilities necessary to acquire and implement in practice the methods, techniques and communication tools.
In the research plan, the Master’s program aims at: (i) involving master students in scientific research, by developing the interdisciplinary and applicative component, and (ii) forming partnerships with representatives of the business environment in the field of research.

The objectives of the Business Communication Master’s program are defined in accordance with the mission, strategic coordinates and general objectives assumed by the Faculty of Economics and the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. Thus, the core objectives of the program are as follows:

Training of analysts and PR professionals specialized in economic communication;
Acquiring mastering skills and competences in economic communication and in handling economic information in order to improve professional performance;
Choosing the most appropriate communication contexts arising from situations typical of the current business environment;
Acquiring and correctly using both economic language and fundamental economic principles to improve the clarity of economic messages;
Familiarize learners with traditional and modern communication methods and techniques for faster and more efficient adaptation to market requirements;
Preparation of stitches for effective human resources evaluation;
The correct understanding of both career management techniques and those relating to the formation and development of the scientific personality

Masters training is provided through a curricular area, which includes an educational offer with specific disciplines. Systematic and rigorous training in the field of traditional and modern communication methods and techniques is achieved through an authorized and accredited academic body in the academic environment.

The Business Communication program addresses all graduates of bachelor’s degree programs in economics that intend to both specialize in business communication and to pursue university studies at doctoral level in the spirit of the Bologna Process. The participants in this program are motivated, flexible, open to new, willing to improve their training, able to manage the time well, able to combine the theoretical aspects with the business experience.

The Master’s program is a continuation of the Economics and Business Communication Bachelor’s program and prepares students for the PhD in Economics.

The Master of Business Communication program therefore addresses all graduates of economic studies and falls within the overall mission of ESA to create, capitalize and disseminate knowledge by developing a research and learning environment based on excellence, attracting, developing and promoting scientific and teaching values.