Economics of the European Union Master Program

The European Economics Masters Program has concluded agreements and partnerships for internship programs with:

  • Ministry of European Funds – 10 places
  • Financial Supervisory Authority – 10 places
  • Ministry of Finance – 10 places
  • Ministry of Economy – 5 places
  • Ministry of Tourism – 10 places
  • National Prognosis Commission – 5 places
  • National Institute of Statistics – 5 places

Other competitive advantages for our students

  • A Compatible Learning Plan organized by European universities in the TOP 500 World
  • Interactive courses organized in the form of debates and exams that involve the presentation of projects / solving case studies
  • Support of courses by specialists from partner institutions and the private sector
  • Specialized assistance in the elaboration of dissertation papers
  • Teaching staff with more than 15 years of theoretical and practical experience
  • Master’s degree offers the possibility to continue the doctoral studies
  • Students will benefit from a flexible program of teaching activities – 4 days a week starting from 16.30 / 18.00. The skills we offer our students

The skills we offer our students

  • Achieving the skills needed to develop projects for accessing structural funds
  • Acquisition of expertise in the development of market studies and macroeconomic conjunctions for multinational companies
  • Elaboration of professional and research projects using quantitative and qualitative methods on the competitive environment within the European Union
  • Providing specialized advice and assistance to public institutions, government agencies and private companies in the field of European policies

Studied disciplines

By choosing the European Economics Masters Program, you will study disciplines such as:

  • Multi-level governance in the EU and access to European funds
  • Competition and Competitiveness in the European Union
  • Business strategies in the European Union
  • European integration modelEconomic and Monetary Union
  • Regional development policies in the European Union
  • Economic forecast
  • European Macroeconomics
  • Funding and coordination of economic policies in the European Union
  • Convergence and Cohesion Mechanisms in the EU
  • The common economic policies of the European Union
  • The European Union and the global system
  • European Systems of Innovation and Competitiveness Career

Our graduates have been engaged in Institutions / Partner Companies with ASE / FAETA, such as:

  • The National Bank of Romania
  • Financial Supervisory Authority
  • The Ministry of Economy
  • Department for Foreign Investments and Private Public Partnership
  • Ministry of Public Finance
  • Competition Council
  • Ministry of European Funds
  • Institute of World Economy
  • Institute of Economic Forecasting
  • SN Salrom S.A.
  • Ernst & Young
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Deloitte
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Romanian Commercial Bank
  • Rompetrol S.A.
  • Unicredit